Annual Update 2019 VNG International

‘Municipalities play an important role in safety and security, because we are the first door citizens knock on.’

Ms. Majlinda Bufi,

Mayor of Roscovec, Albania



‘…the value of this project is raising the awareness on importance of  cooperation with the Local Government. Meetings have become more frequent since this project.’

Mr. Nderim Dyli,

Police of Cerrik Municipality





‘If you are looking at public security, the first actors that can help with that are the citizens themselves.’

Ms. Dewi van de Weerd,

Former Ambassador, Netherlands Embassy in Tirana





‘…the national project we were involved in, ended with just the theory of things. We are actually now putting into practice. We are really working together and not just meeting.’

Ms. Eva Tafa,

Municipal Action Group of Roskovec



improving Access to Basic Services

by strengthening local government

Featured Project

Albania, Effective and Responsive Safety and Security Policies at

Local Level


Local Safety and Security in Albania

Safety and security are important issues for citizens, which is why municipalities play such a big role in guaranteeing this. In our point of view, public safety and security not only means absence of criminal activities and enforcement of laws and regulations, but is a much wider notion, such as a good quality of life, nice and clean neighbourhoods, and an environment where people feel safe; thus including also the perception of safety and security. It means playgrounds for children, places where youth can hang out, streets and pavements where elderly people can walk safely and buildings which are accessible for everyone. But also inclusiveness of all citizens and a local government that is transparent and accountable towards citizens. Safety and security is not only an issue of police performance and trust in the police, but also for local governments, NGOs and society as a whole. The Local Safety and Security in Albania project supports five Albanian municipalities in this process. The project provides capacity building activities on public safety and citizen participation, but also focuses strongly on the multi-stakeholder cooperation between the municipality and the community. Five Municipal Action Groups have been established, consisting of civil servants, representatives from the police and one Community Focal Point representing the citizens.


The five Municipal Action Groups have worked so far on:

  • Getting acquainted with the notion of public safety, through a training in the Netherlands on inclusive local safety.
  • Gaining knowledge and skills to effectively represent the community’s needs via a leadership training for the community representatives.
  • Collecting input for the Local Safety and Security Policy Paper together with the community representatives during an interface meeting.
  • Development of a Policy Document focused on two main public safety and security issues within the municipality.
  • Development of a Pilot Project Proposal during a Facilitated Working Session, based on the Policy Document that each municipality created. The proposal includes a communication paragraph on how to reach and inform the community.


For the rest of the year 2019 the focus will be on the implementation of the projects, coached by one of VNG International’s local government experts. Examples of project initiatives are an inclusive sport field to offer youth a positive alternative for spending their time; public lighting for an isolated neighbourhood; and a small communal park where people can meet and organise community activities. Inspiring project goals, that can make a difference in everyday life of people.