Annual Update 2019 VNG International

Involving Citizens

in Decision Making

by strengthening

local government

A strong social contract between citizens and their local governments will have a positive impact on local security, on social and economic development, on the quality of life. Inclusive decision-making, involving all, including vulnerable groups, and taking the specific needs of specific groups into account, is a prerequisite for a strong social contract.


Our projects aim to strengthen inclusive decision-making and social accountability. We help local governments and stakeholders build trust and confidence in working together, by facilitating that they meet and understand each other’s roles, by providing training, guidance and tools, and the setting up of municipal information and resource centres, etc.


Recent / Ongoing Projects

Albania, Capacity Building for the Ministry of European Integration and Line Ministries for the Preparation of the Negotiation Process and Legal Approximation

06-02-2017 / 05-02-2019

donor: Central Finance & Contracting Unit (CFCU) Albania




Ethiopia, Protection of Basic Services: Social Accountability Program (ESAP) |  01-01-2015 / 31-12-2023

donor: World Bank




Jordan, Technical Assistance for Public Administration Reforms for Improved Service Delivery to Citizens  | 01-08-2016 / 17-05-2019
donor: Delegation of the European Union to Jordan

CONSORTIUM PARTNERS: Human Dynamics, Oxford Policy Management



Kosovo, Support to Civil Registration and Document Security    01-09-2017 / 31-03-2020

donor: European Union Office in Kosovo

CONSORTIUM PARTNERS: State Enterprise Centre of Registers (SECR)



Myanmar, Municipal Accountability, Governance and Inclusive Communities in Chin State and Tanintharyi Region (MAGIC)

01-03-2018 / 28-02-2022

donor: Delegation of the European Union to Myanmar

CONSORTIUM PARTNERS: Loka Ahlinn Social Development Network (LASDN), Hornbill Organisation



Myanmar, National Community Driven Development Project

22-12-2015 / 30-09-2021

donor: World Bank



Serbia, Support to Public Administration Reform Visibility and Communication Under the Public Administration Reform Sector Reform Contract |  01-08-2018 / 31-01-2021

donor: Delegation of the European Union to Serbia

CONSORTIUM PARTNERS: Ecorys Nederland B.V., Municipality of Naledi



Tunisia, Decentralisation and Effective Municipalities Initiative

07-11-2018 / 31-01-2022

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands




Various countries, Inclusive Decisions At Local Level (IDEAL)
01-01-2017 / 31-12-2021

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands